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Chris Leech is the independent creator & publisher

of Welkin Tarot decks & companion books. Trained as an artist, Chris has combined his graphic skills with a knowledge of history, literature, psychology, pop culture, and perennial wisdom to produce a series of Tarot decks unique in the Tarotsphere. Chris has traveled extensively and is a musician and gardener. 

I began working on my first tarot deck in 2016, with The Beatles Tarot. Co-writing the book with a fellow life-long Beatle fan who took what seemed a lifetime to put pen to paper, I began creating The Shakespeare Tarot to stay engaged. I had been studying Shakespeare compulsively for over 5 years at that time and, similarly, all the tarot decks I have made since then are based on subjects I have been deeply immersed in at various times in my life. My guiding lights with these tarot projects have always been accuracy, depth, authenticity, artistry, and play.

In 2019, I agreed to allow Schiffer to mass-produce my Charles Dickens Tarot. As fine a job as they did with its production, they gutted the deck by neglecting to publish the in-depth exegesis of the cards. This is a mistake I will not be repeating. By staying small-scale and independent, I can control the quality of my work and oversee its distribution. The downside to this is it costs more to produce my decks and I struggle to keep the price reasonable for my customers.

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Fortunately, I enjoy making tarot decks and undertake them for their own sake rather than to make a fortune. Each companion book has years of research behind it, and each large-scale deck is made with premium card stock. I maintain a very short turn-around time, usually within the same day as the customer places their order, and I remain available to my customers should they have any questions, problems, or thoughts about their purchase.

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